Eat with supermodels at Café Bitton

Cafe Bitton
Cafe Bitton

Every time that I have eaten at Café Bitton it’s always been with supermodels. At least that’s what patron David Bitton tells me assuredly as he leads us to what is always “the best table”. The “supermodels” are my colleagues and I am reminded how “lucky you are” to have their company.

But it’s not just me. It’s every man who arrives with a woman – they all are supermodels and they all get the best table. David’s Gallic shtick (the website better describes as “charismatic”) is on the right side of charming and it feels like an old mischievous friend is welcoming you.

It’s early on the first visit and we managed to get the last table in the lively room (did I mention it was early). The coffees arrived fast and had strength, velvet-textured milk and were a readily drinkable temperature. Downing those beauties we ordered another to have as we poured over the menu.

In among the ham, Gruyère and mushroom crepes, the breakfast quinoa with cinnamon and berries, banana and coconut yoghurt was the sour cherry French toast with ricotta and grilled banana. Yes. Please.

Thick slices of egged bread spotted with sour cherries, long strips of grill-marked banana under a generous scoop of ricotta and then dusted with cinnamon. This is what I want to eat at breakfast forever. My companions chose differently and although extremely happy with the mix of crepes, grains, and croques there was an undercurrent of breakfast envy.

A return lunch visit (yes, again with “supermodels”) had a menu bursting with protein, as a French gaff should. Fish, Chicken, Beef, Lamb – it’s all there but there are French nods to Sydney and South-East Asia generally.  Some Chinese spices and concepts are drawn into dishes and the menu overall has lighter trimmings that appeal to the fats-carbs-avoiding Sydney-sider.  Naturally I order the steak-frites which was a blush over the requested medium however the fries made up for that indiscretion (oh my goodness, the fries – more please).

Bitton’s staff are knowledgeable, friendly without presuming to be your BFF but at times were overly efficient in clearing the table piecemeal as soon as something, anything, was empty.  But it’s all forgivable – even if David’s charisma is not to your liking. Café Bitton is perhaps-a-little too self-branded and self-aware but it has an excellent French menu with solid, competent cooking.  I’m going back tomorrow.


Café Bitton – (02) 9519 5111 – 36-37a Copeland St Alexandria NSW 2015. Short walk from Erskineville Station. Prices pretty good for Sydney.

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