Friday Digital, Media & Technology – WFH, OFCOM, AI, AfterPay

Here are a few things that you may have missed in digital, media & technology this week. Contact me if you want to talk about what these might mean for you.

Wired reports that all the bad habits formed working from home are likely to follow us back into the office. To those who work with me, I feel the need to apologise in advance.

For media folks in Australia, the UK’s OFCOM State of the Media Nations Report for 2021 provides some deep data points on how media is fairing in the UK markets. Surprising stat is that in-car radio still performing strongly even in digitally enabled cars.

Ethics in artificial intelligence is a topic that most working with AI intuitively feel is something to consider (at least). Now, some academic research reveals that actual attitudes to ethics and governance of those working in machine learning. “We find that AI/ML researchers place high levels of trust in international organizations and scientific organizations to shape the development and use of AI in the public interest; moderate trust in most Western tech companies; and low trust in national militaries, Chinese tech companies, and Facebook.”

Apple announces changes to iOS 15 settings that could prevent marketers obtain data on email campaign performance. Privacy protection is Apple’s mission, but against an email list whose subscribers usually want to be on it could hurt valuable insights to businesses trying to make a buck in the digital economy.

A long read on the history and growth of Afterpay. Now, I am wondering what it would be like to have a $39bn business in ~5 years from now.

That’s all for this week, but let me know if you want to talk about any of these. These are best enjoyed with a coffee – or whatever your choice.


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