Friday Digital, Media & Technology – WhatsApp, AI, Google & Regulation

Here are a few things that you may have missed in digital, media & technology. Contact me if you want to talk about what these might mean for you.

  • WhatsApp appeals record fine claiming that the Irish Data Protection Commissioner treated them unfairly. WhatsApp also made the point (they did, not anyone else) that the fine of EUR225m “constitutes the imposition of a criminal sanction“. Let’s see what the Court thinks as this plays out.
  • The UK Government releases its national AI strategy which sets out a 10 year road map to make the UK a “global AI Superpower”. I suspect that China may have beat them to it, but it’s a comprehensive road map nonetheless. Unsurprisingly silent on the European Union’s recent AI legislation framework proposal.
  • In a series of recommendations, the ACCC is asking for new powers to address Google’s ad tech supply chain market dominance including “power to develop sector specific rules to apply to those providers of ad tech services“. Other recommendations made in the report published on 28 Sept 21 include transparency on first party data use, industry standards for publishing fees & Google auction transparency.

These were prepared listening to the Ramones – Triple J Live at the Wireless on vinyl, and are best enjoyed with a coffee – or whatever your choice.

Let me know if you want to talk about any of it.


Published by Brett

Brett is an experienced lawyer and business executive who focuses on commercial outcomes. He has worked across three sectors in England & Australia advising and leading initiatives in digital, media and technology

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