Friday Digital, Media & Technology – Consumer Privacy, US Privacy & ABBA

This edition had sending issues – some of you didn’t get it – some of you… check your junk folder. I’m checking that out, but in the meantime, here’s what you missed in what you missed in digital media & technology law week.

Here are a few things that you may have missed in digital, media & technology. Contact me if you want to talk about what these mean for you.

  • The IAB/Ipsos report into Data Exchange is out. 39% of respondents “Choose not to use an app or website on a mobile device due to concern over handling of personal information.” In an mobile based economy, more nearly 40% of people choosing not to use your product over privacy concerns is cause for alarm. The report highlighted that organisations that provide transparency around how consumer personal information is used – and are inherently trusted – are more likely to obtain personal information from consumers.
  • The US is having another crack at a Federal privacy law. Senator Cortez Masto introduced the Digital Accountability and Transparency to Advance (DATA) Privacy Act (see what they did there?). The Bill’s intent is to protect consumers from (basically) BigTech and its introduction seems timed to follow the FTC report into broadband providers using consumer data in ways consumers would not expect.

These were prepared listening to Gang of Youths, MTV Unplugged and are best enjoyed with a coffee – or whatever your choice.Let me know if you want to talk about any of it, but please share with a few people and encourage them to subscribe.Brett

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Brett is an experienced lawyer and business executive who focuses on commercial outcomes. He has worked across three sectors in England & Australia advising and leading initiatives in digital, media and technology

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