Friday Digital, Media & Technology – Gaming, Streaming Investigation & Privacy SEALED SECTION

Here are a few things that you may have missed in digital, media & technology this week. This edition includes a Privacy SEALED SECTION!These were prepared listening to the new Wesbright LawCAST where I speak to Jamie Leach from Open Data about the new consumer data right rules and expansion in Australia. This newsletter and the podcast are best enjoyed with a coffee… or whatever your choice.Let me know if you want to talk about any of it, but please share with a few people and ask them to subscribe.Brett
Understanding Google’s Topics API – IAB AustraliaA great explainer that takes you through Google’s replacement for floc, which was its replacement for cookies. Floc never flew, and Topics is the less granular solution to access Google
How the business of gaming is evolving | McKinsey & CompanyWith an increasing number of people playing, broadcasting, and watching esports, the already booming, multi-billion dollar gaming ecosystem is reaching even greater heights. This sector gets a disproportionate amount of airtime for the value it generates compared to other entertainment
UK’s CMA launches probe into music streaming market – GOV.UKThe CMA will ask whether the music streaming market is working well for music lovers, as part of a study launched in the UK this week. Why only streaming and not the entire music industry is anyone’s guess, but if you’re a fan of treating artists fairly, this is a step towards
I want this email to be always a few things that you may have missed in digital, media & technology from the past week. But with so much happening in Privacy, this required a special privacy sealed section for those who really love privacy and want to wade into deeper. Don’t worry… it’s SFW.

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Brett is an experienced lawyer and business executive who focuses on commercial outcomes. He has worked across three sectors in England & Australia advising and leading initiatives in digital, media and technology

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