Friday Digital, Media & Technology – Defamation, App Tracking & Raspberry PI

Here are a few things that you may have missed in digital, media & technology this week.

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High Court of Australia – Google LLC v Defteros
Here are details to the transcript and submissions in Google’s application to appeal to the High Court of Australia (not the final outcome). An issue is whether Google is considered a “publisher” of defamatory statements by virtue of publishing links with snippets to alleged defamatory material in search results. This case, when heard, will examine the scope and application of the recent High Court defamation decision in Voller. One to watch and the submissions are brilliant reading to dissect the “publisher” issue and a precursor to the main arguments to come.
In-app gaming purchase revenue declined 35% globally in 2021
Apple’s do not track settings in iOS are finally starting to bite – decreasing tracking, decreasing in App purchases (derived from in App tracking) and ultimately, decreasing commission to Apple itself. Yet the article suggests that this is the future to prepare for – not that Apple will return to chasing revenue at the expense of tracking us.
Happy Birthday to the Raspberry Pi
Almost exactly ten years ago today, thousands of people woke on a leap-day morning to discover that Raspberry Pi computers were on sale. Do you own one? What do you use it for?

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